Another New Year (Chinese New Year, Bali)

07.09vidya putra

Another new year here in Bali, Indonesia. After the Lebaran, New Year for Moslem and the ofcourse the New Year for all of us, and then the last New Year is Chinese new year based on Lunar date.

For this Chinese New Year i celebrate it in Bali with my family (i work in Jakarta). Today in the Chinese New Year eve, i go to Kuta Klenteng. In this event Chinese usually gather with their family, for those that working in other city or study in other city they all will come back and meet their big family. Have dinner and pray together hoping for better future.

The best part in Bali is, every Chinese New Year Celebration i see Chinese tradition and Balinese tradition mixed with no problem, people just get along dont care who is chinese and who is balinese. Hope in the future we can see more thing like this, and hopefully in this Dragon Year, we all be happy...

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