6 Best Youtube Photography Channel for Beginner

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Hi you, i just want to share to you 7 youtube photography channel that i think very usefull for beginner like me. So here it is :

#1 Easy Exposure This channel is awesome, give lot of short tutorial video and its very detail with table and other way to make us understand very clearly. The tutorial cover all basic knowledge that beginner need to know and practice such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White balance, Sunny16rule, and many other. Here is one of the video about "How to Shoot firework" (its new year in one month:))

#2 DigitalRev TV This second channel is a little bit hard to explain, the video sometime crazy, funny, and informative. Its not the best channel to learn but this channel have lot of fun. Most of the video will be camera comparison, because the actual business is online camera shop. Just check it out, i dont wont to explain :) Here is one of the video :

#3 DomBowerPhoto The third channel is a tutorial channel by Dom Bower abviously. Not like Easy Exposure, this channel not much cover the basic knowledge but more about "how to" and get creative. Here is one of the video from Dom Bower channel :

#4 GregoryCazillo Another tutorial channel, this channel explain many thing in photography, from the basic to Advance level. And not just about photography, Gregory also giving advice about photographer work, etc. Just check out his channel. Here is one of the video :

#5 Chase Jarvis This guy is awesome, he is one of my favorite photographer. In his channel he host a show and interview many awesome photographer, mucisian, and other (all inspiration inside). Here is one of the video from his show :

#6 ThatNikonGuy Yes, from the title you know he use Nikon. But its doesn't mean that a cannon user cannot learn anything from this channel. Here is one of the video :

So there is all 6 amazing channel to learn photography. I learn alot and improving alot also by learning and doing. I take my camera out every weekend and i learn every working day night. Hopefully this is usefull. How about you, any channel to suggest?

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  1. Its not the best channel to learn but this channel have lot of fun. Most of the video will be camera comparison. best place to buy youtube views

  2. yes you right, those channel is fun; but i think thats why i like it and best for me personally :)

    do you have any recommendation?

  3. This is also a strong source of getting your buy youtube subscribers video higher ranking on YouTube.

  4. I am glad to found such useful post. I really increased my knowledge after read your post which will be beneficial for me.


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