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I always believe that every photographer have their own style and it reflect who they are, what they do, what they love... Eric Kim for example with his sociology basic or Rinzi Ruiz with his Design Graphic basic and both their style will look different from photographer with classic art basic.

And that thing also happend to me, i was a swimmer for years, i love sports and action. I think my love to movies also reflected in my style. I like color, coolness and emotion in my photo, i like my photo look strong in color, light, or feel.

But anyway, this is not about me; it about JD Hancock Flickr photo that i accidently found, when you see his photo subject and style you know hi is a geek :) i have so much fun browsing all his photo. So here is several photo from his Flickr account and please go visit his website also...

Green Lantern Extreme

Mario vs. Super Luigi (316/365)

Mini-Me vs. Minnie Mouse (343/365)

Signs Of The Storm


Maid Of Steel / Made Of Copper

Universal Thing

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